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January 14, 2016

Putting events, concerts, festivals and artists on the media’s radar and helping our clients get the cut-through and attention they deserve is really satisfying.   Raising profiles, getting talented people and quality products noticed is always our objective.  We usually get called in to launch the brand new stuff that no one’s heard of (but will be huge) . . .  . or re-fresh something that was hot and top of the tree and needs a polish to get back to the top.

St Kilda Film Festival – first micro-movies & technology; Little Big Shots Film Festival; Peninsula Summer Music Festival (debut and following year); 200 multi-cultural artists exhibition at Federation Square (x 3 years); The Women of Achievement Awards (x 6 years); Telstra Business Women’s Award; Australian National Piano Award;

National 4 x 4 Show (Sydney and Melbourne) – we launched the first show, attracting 200,000 people and continued to work with this client for the next 6 years . . .  the biggest four wheel drive & fishing show.

Fifth Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition (56 musicians from all over the world battling it out for one full week in Australia) – Nicola’s job to show that classical music and its musicians are cool, the competition is one of the best in the world and to get the media talking everyday about this fantastic series – this all happened, plus we attracted younger, diverse audiences at the same time; another first – the Asia Pacific Chamber Music Competition; World Congress welcomes and so on.


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