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Jackie Marshall, Actress, Singer, Songwriter

October 11, 2023

New Film / News Songs / New Actress – Jackie Marshall is a dynamic and unforgettable singer/songwriter who creates beautiful music gliding across folk, country and contemporary indi realms with her signature sound.

Earlier this year, Jackie made her acting debut in a feature film called, “Three Chords & The Truth”; where Jackie is the protagonist “Angie” plus she wrote the complete soundtrack for this fresh Australian movie. The red carpet has been rolled out for her and the cast at the Brisbane International Film Festival and now at the Sydney International Film Festival 2023 – this captivating film is being screened nationally throughout October and November 2023. Go Jackie Marshall!

Amongst this, she toured the east coast of Australia with Sam Cutler (former Rolling Stones & Grateful Dead tour manager). Cutler MC’d the gigs and shared epic stories, Jackie’s new songs from the film and some of her new album “You’re Not Too Much and You Are Enough”. Stay tuned for the official launch of her album over the coming months.

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