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We have worked on various Regional, Local and State Government projects, many starting from scratch. The City of Stonnington – various projects: arts, music festivals, grant funding for community initiatives, digital campaign to grow Harold Holt Pool membership, safety campaigns, Mayor events and photographic…

April 16, 2023
Photo: DS Images

Award Winning Whiskey

We’re used to working with Award Winning people and companies. Teeling Whiskey from Ireland is yet another. Launching three new whiskey’s into Australia and helping boost sales and a thirst for their quality dram/s. We launched a special tasting with media and afficianados of…

September 22, 2021
Lifestyle & Events

Fashion! Maly Bayn Designs

Working in fashion, especially with fresh, current designers like Maly Bayn has been a joy over the years. Our work is not only promoting the hot designers, it’s also working behind the scenes and crafting new looks for promoting a brand.  Buell sports motorbikes is…

February 19, 2021

From the Grand Prix to Tennis champions to Olympians & the Games

A speciality is sponsorship announcements, gaining mass media coverage and creating media worthy activities to highlight those sponsorships and keep them relevant.  Having worked with some of the biggest legends in Australian sports for the past twenty years such as Ian Thorpe, the Australian Swim Team, Jana Pittman, Cathy Freeman, Mark…

January 16, 2021
Arts Lifestyle & Events

Australian National Piano Award

We have worked on six Awards – over twelve years. It’s a huge week-long piano competition series which is recognised as one of the best of its kind in the world. Pianists are playing for $75000 in cash and prizes.…

January 14, 2021
Lifestyle & Events

What’s Different

Working with fashion, luxury goods, actors, scientists, chefs, cool vets and pets is all in a days work at this place. Harley-Davidson (Fashion Week, 100th Anniversary bike launches Australia & U.S.A, general pr and full scale riding adventures for over three years).  A client for…

January 16, 2016