About Me

Nicola Archer

Nicola Archer

Nicola Archer is a well-known PR Specialist who has worked in Sydney, London and Melbourne. She is in touch with the beating drum of the media and what the ‘word is on the street’ influencing what’s hot and what’s not.   Delivering impressive results with clever, creative, inspiring campaigns and events with contagious enthusiasm and expertise.

Nicola Archer Communications gets ‘wow factor’ results in big arenas of the Arts / Entertainment / International Sports / Philanthropy / Health / Government and Awards and has been doing so for 20 years.

Helping you (and your company) attract positive public & media attention in all the right places by spreading the good news.

Leading you to the right target audiences, boosting your reputation (the media and public), including helping you to magnetise new audiences along the way – taking your business and brand to the next level.

Services Offered

  • Creativity – Unique Ideas – Quality Work – Talented people
  • Media Launches – nationally
  • Leading major project contract work – consulting (by day or over six month period)
  • Profile Raising and positioning – online and traditional
  • Writing – media releases, online content and promotional material, scripts, publicity and strategy plans, scripts for events and road maps for pr, digital communications including print, radio, television
  • Manage design, re-branding, photographic, artwork and digital filming
  • Make your name known, recognised and popular in all the right places
  • Media Training (for beginners to seasoned presenters)
  • Event Management (including sponsorship management and branding)
  • Training and workshop / presentations

Nicola Archer has won awards for her work (Telstra – “Australian Business Women Awards”, “Olympic Hero Messages”, Australia Post, “Letter Link” and Salvation Army “If it’s too good to throw away – give it to the Salvos”), recently recognised as a “Fellow of Public Relations Institute Australia”.  She sat on the Victorian Council and is invited as guest speaker – Westpac Business Women’s Network, RMIT and national conferences – she presents on publicity, networking and running a successful small business.