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$1.5 million Chinese Australia Museum Opening

July 16, 2020

Nicola managed all publicity for the re-opening, launched by the Premier of Victoria who donated $1.5m for the refurbishment of this amazing museum in Chinatown. A huge street parade with the world’s largest Chinese Dragon marked the beginning of this auspicious ocassion.  All television news and cover stories and features were organised, along with radio, online and magazines in this short time.

Other unusual instances that crop up during our work with clients:

  • Shutting down one lane with police escort on Sydney Harbour Bridge at peak hour – 12 hours notice.  All for one inspiring Australia postman who had walked around Australia raising funds for charity along the way.
  • Or when Sydney Airport was flooded with sports fans waiting for our first Winter Olympic medalists to arrive (the short track speed skaters) from the Olympics – every television news, photographers, agents and reporters were waiting for their arrival at midnight.  The Telstra Ice Machine were front cover of every metroplitan newspaper and were in the media everyday for four weeks around Australia. They were offered front row seats at every VIP event in the country.  All publicity and special guest appearances (eg. Mayor Keys to the City, the races, Sydney Fashion Show, Mardi Gras etc) was also organised and managed by Nicola.

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