From the Grand Prix to Tennis champions to Olympians & the Games

January 16, 2021

A speciality is sponsorship announcements, gaining mass media coverage and creating media worthy activities to highlight those sponsorships and keep them relevant.  Having worked with some of the biggest legends in Australian sports for the past twenty years such as Ian Thorpe, the Australian Swim Team, Jana Pittman, Cathy Freeman, Mark Webber, Nicole Livingston, Athletics Australia, the very first Australian Grand Prix  in Melbourne to name just a few.  Nicola loves working with people and companies who strive to be the best in their field.  Some highlights:

  • Telstra Hero messages (over 9 years); Australia Posts’ Olympic Letterlink programs
  • Telstra “Ice Machine” – National heroes welcome to the first Winter Olympic medallists
  • 6 Olympic Games & 3 Commonwealth Games (Summer and Winter) -and various sponsorships;
    including welcome home parades, celebrating the volunteers etc
  • Isostar Tennis Championships, Team Ford, Triathlons, Weightlifting, Gala fundraisers, Media conferences,
    VIP hosted functions/corporate entertaining.
  • Sports Ambassador programs (various)
  • Carlton & United Breweries number one sponsor for the Australian Grand Prix


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