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Fashion! Maly Bayn Designs

February 19, 2021

Working in fashion, especially with fresh, current designers like Maly Bayn has been a joy over the years. Our work is not only promoting the hot designers, it’s also working behind the scenes and crafting new looks for promoting a brand.  Buell sports motorbikes is an example – We launched a new bike during Fashion Week and had sleek and sexy outfits made from top to toe – especially for the event representing the brand.  The outfits were that good the head of retail (Harley-Davidson Motor Company) in the United States wanted to replicate the look over there.

Over the years Nicola has worked on various fashion brands – from launching Dr Martens 100th Anniversary, promoting Sketchers (before they were big over here), launching the first sophisticated baby bag (Oi Oi) to name a few.  We have pulled together massive sit down lunch events – showcasing Jaeger of London, packed the runways for models (who got out of bed for nothing) to launch the Salvation Army Family Stores fashion finds.  “If it’s too good to throw it away – give it to the Salvos”, we have done a lot more, just ask.

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