Having worked with the biggest names in Australian sports for the past twenty years
such as Ian Thorpe, Australian Swim Team, Jana Pittman, Cathy Freeman, Nicole Livingston, Athletics Australia, the Melbourne International Grand Prix, 
Plus 6 Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games (summer and winter) – Nicola loves working with people and groups who strive to be the best in their field.

You may recognise some of her work: Sending Telstra Heromessages to our athletes from mums, dads and anyone wanting to tell the athletes we believe in them.  She also created Australia Posts’ “Letter Link” where hundreds and thousands of letters were written by every primary school in Australia for all the Games.

Waaay back in time Nicola taught tennis ace Todd Woodbridge how to do his very first television interview when he was 18 and featuring on “Wide World of Sports”.