22 years – client review

“Hi Nicola – Congratulations on 22 years:

I remember an advert in the late 80’s, maybe very early 90’s, encouraging people to plan financially for the future. The ad was for Mercantile Mutual.

Your comment that: “I can’t believe that 22 years has passed since starting Nicola Archer Communications”, very much reflects (if I recall correctly) that adverts punch line; “It passes in the blink of an eye”.

A great summation of the passage of time. Time that seemingly goes so fast.

Am I surprised that you have achieved what you have? Definitely not. Your success cannot be put down to luck, being in the right place at the right time . . .

And to simply say you have achieved what you have through sheer doggedness and capability, sells you short.

Many people are dogged, all with varying degrees of capability, but many fall well short of, or in, many of those virtues that you possess:

  • genuine decency
  • warmth
  • integrity
  • a commitment to do the best for your clients
  • exude positive energy
  • you make it happen.

I could keep going on. Clearly, you love what you do.

That I have contacted you a couple of times on the possibility of being involved with other  businesses, indicates that I think you are damn good.

Your assistance in those early days was of great value. I’ve always been appreciative of your effort and encouragement. And I am glad I’ve contributed in some way to your journey”.

Gary Blyth, Business Development Manager, Ostindo International Pty Ltd