A best seller in 3 months

September 17, 2021

The agency has played a key role in the success of two hardback book releases in 2020 and 2021.
Achieving national television coverage, national radio, magazine and newspapers including features and double page spread coverage. Including a number of Front Page newspaper items.

The Mallee – A journey through north-west Victoria was released at the height of the pandemic in Victoria, in-between three month lockdown. Publisher Ten Bag Press managed to get printed in Australia and distribute all the way to the outback regions of Victoria. This book just struck a chord with many people and especially their desire to travel – even if it meant in their imagination transported from the couch to the outback. Featuring the stunning photography from some of Australia’s best media photographers: Andrew Chapman, Melanie Faith Dove, Noel Butcher, Jaime Murcia and Erin Jonasson and written by author Adam McNicoll. A quality $60 book held all the beauty and wonder and the quirkiness you can find travelling through the Mallee.

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